Sunday, August 30, 2020

Gonna be a whole new world for us...


I can hardly believe the world I know now is going to be completely changed in the next few months.

Back in June we were given some news that has us feeling all sorts of emotions from anticipation to fear.

I honestly thought the fact that I have MS was going to be one of the scariest things I would be facing right now, and yet.. its barely a concern at this time in my life.. 

Instead its the thought of a new life that has me facing all these fears, insecurity and honestly excitement all at the same time..

How can this be...? Well.. I'm gonna be a grandma!

I know its exciting and should be considered a very positive change in our life,  however with the state of the world right now and the circumstances surrounding the anticipation of my first grandchild, I can't help but feel a cloud over it all.

Between the pandemic and Covid outbreak and the fact that my child is gonna be a co-parent with someone they can not even have a decent conversation with, has me all sorts of up and down and in between feelings..

While I have no doubt that the positives do and will continue to, outweigh the bad, I can't help but be fearful for the future. 

The future of my child and my soon to be FIRST grandchild. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Our DIY Raised Garden Bed

Our DIY Raised Garden Bed

~ New, Used, Free & Refurbished Materials ~
#DIY #RaisedGarden #QuarantineGardening